Barreda Moller writes...

Type of characteristic that descriptive marks should describe to be irregistrable

Article 135, paragraph e) of Decision 486, Industrial Property Common Regime, establishes that may not be registered as trademarks those marks which consist exclusively of a sign or statement that [...]

Binding nature of the declaration of “notoriety” of a trademark in one of the member countries of the Andean Community

Decision 486 establishes in Article 224 that notoriously known distinctive sign shall mean the sign that is recognized as such in any member country, by the pertinent sector, regardless the [...]

Registration of proper names

Traditionally, the trademark Authority has established that the indirect confusion between two signs is determined by the coincidence of one of their elements –provided the coincident element is distinctive and [...]

Well-known marks and cancellation due to lack of use

Well-known marks are not subject to cancellation due to the lack of use in our country, but it is required to demonstrate that the mark intended to be canceled matches [...]