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What are common or usual marks for peruvian caselaw?

Article 135 paragraph g) of Decision 486, Industrial Property Common Regime, establishes that may not be registered as trademarks those marks which consist exclusively of or have become a common […]

Which is the consumer whose criterion must be taken into consideration when establishing if the trademarks are confusingly similar?

Since the Court of Justice of the Andean Community issued the prejudicial interpretation Nº 286-IP-2016, on November 17, 2917, two novel criteria were introduced in the Trademark Law field alongside […]

Protection of personal data

According to Law N° 29733, Law on the Protection of Personal Data, personal data means all information about a natural person that identifies or makes said person identifiable through means […]

The Patent Term Extension (PTE) and Patent Term Adjustment (PTA) in the Peruvian legal framework

The Patent Term Extension (PTE) is a legal measure which was first established by the Drug Price Competition and Patent Restoration Act of 1984, in the United States of America. […]

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