Barreda Moller writes...

Notoriety in grade of renown of the denomination of origin pisco

Without any doubt, the denomination of origin PISCO is identified by the generality or, at least, by the majority of the population as the national beverage par excellence, which is […]

Legal importance of the use of a trademark in a different form to the one it was registered

The passing of time is an important factor in the life of a trademark since it positions and consolidates the trademark in the market.  Nevertheless, strengthening its image may require […]

Overbooking in airlines and its legal regulation in Peru

Firstly, we must state that overbooking in airlines refers to the sale of more airline tickets than those allowed by the flight capacity, that is, it refers to the sale […]

What is a generic mark for peruvian caselaw?

Article 135 paragraph f) of Decision 486, Industrial Property Common Regime, establishes that may not be registered as trademarks those marks which, consist exclusively of a sign or indication which […]