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Comments to the Second Transitory Complementary Provision of Supreme Decree No. 016-2013-SA

Within the classification of medicaments established by our legislation, we find those belonging to Category 3, which are products that in most cases do not have research clinical trials and [...]

Essential patents and free competition

Many inventions which are initially novel and unique, with the passing of time are enhanced and, eventually, the technological development turns them into a use standard for certain categories of [...]

Notoriety in grade of renown of the denomination of origin pisco

Without any doubt, the denomination of origin PISCO is identified by the generality or, at least, by the majority of the population as the national beverage par excellence, which is [...]

Legal importance of the use of a trademark in a different form to the one it was registered

The passing of time is an important factor in the life of a trademark since it positions and consolidates the trademark in the market.  Nevertheless, strengthening its image may require [...]