Barreda Moller writes...

The Grace Period Exception

In general, the public disclosure of an invention made before the filing date of the corresponding patent application is considered as a part of the prior art. However, some countries, [...]

Right of Defense and false information

Intellectual Property regulations establish a pecuniary punishment (fine) for those litigants who consciously provide false information or hide information required by the administrative authority; said fine shall amount up to [...]

First steps towards the definition of reckless opposition

The concept of “reckless opposition” was introduced in the Peruvian trademark system by Andean Decision 486, Common Industrial Property Regime (in force since 01 December 2000), which Article 146 establishes [...]

The Patent Office’s duty to notify the Examiner’s objections to Applicants

The Patent Office is granted certain discretion in regards with the notification to Applicant. However, said discretion extends to the notification of Technical Reports but in a limited manner, as [...]