Barreda Moller writes...

First steps towards the definition of reckless opposition

The concept of “reckless opposition” was introduced in the Peruvian trademark system by Andean Decision 486, Common Industrial Property Regime (in force since 01 December 2000), which Article 146 establishes […]

The Patent Office’s duty to notify the Examiner’s objections to Applicants

The Patent Office is granted certain discretion in regards with the notification to Applicant. However, said discretion extends to the notification of Technical Reports but in a limited manner, as […]

Trade name cancellation based on non-use

Trade name cancellation based on non-use has been widely debated in academic writing and case law due to the particular nature of the trade name, which in most legislations is […]

Modification of the precedent of mandatory compliance regarding trademark cancellation for non-use

In order to establish more objective criteria in the application of the third paragraph of Article 165 of Decision 486 which approves the Common Industrial Property Regime in the Andean […]