Barreda Moller writes...

Registrability of evocative signs

Pursuant to Article 135, paragraph e) of Decision 486, Common Industrial Property Regime, “Signs may not be registered as trademarks when they consist exclusively of a sign or statement that [...]

Novelty requirement vs. non-obviousness requirement for the protection of industrial designs. A brief comparison between Peruvian and US laws

An industrial design is defined as the appearance of all or part of a product, which intends to create, on the basis of its ornamental appearance, a visual impact on [...]

Conventional suspension of trademark proceedings

One of the governing principles of the Peruvian jurisdictional system, maybe one of the most important, is the “principle of plurality of instances”, established in Article 139, numeral 2 of [...]

Patent Prosecution Highway in Peru

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) is a set of procedures intended to provide an accelerated patent prosecution. It involves speeding up the examination process for applications filed in a participating [...]