Barreda Moller writes...

New Copyright Limitations

As established by copyright law, the copyright owner has the exclusive right of exploiting his/her work in any way or by any procedure, and obtaining benefits, except in the cases [...]

Intellectual Property under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP by its acronym in English) is an ambitious multilateral free trade agreement that seeks to promote the economic growth, through the development of innovation and [...]

New criterion adopted by the trademark office applicable to cases of “partial duplicity” of applications for trademark registration

In a previous issue, we gave an account of a criterion of recent application by the Trademark Office, according to which, when an application for trademark registration duplicated only partially [...]

Cancellation of well-known signs

Although Decision 486 recognizes a special protection for well-known signs, said rule does not include a specific provision regarding cancellation actions based on non-use of well-known trademarks. In this regard, [...]