Barreda Moller writes...

New criterion adopted by the trademark office applicable to cases of “partial duplicity” of applications for trademark registration

In a previous issue, we gave an account of a criterion of recent application by the Trademark Office, according to which, when an application for trademark registration duplicated only partially […]

Cancellation of well-known signs

Although Decision 486 recognizes a special protection for well-known signs, said rule does not include a specific provision regarding cancellation actions based on non-use of well-known trademarks. In this regard, […]

Restoration of the right of priority and the due diligence criterion

The Peruvian Patent Office has opted for the “due diligence criterion” to give the opportunity of the restoration of rights. Nevertheless, as explained below, we consider that the analysis the […]

Nullity of a trademark

Decision 486, Common Regime on Industrial Property, in Article172°, establishes the power of the competent national authority to order, sua sponte or at request of a party, absolute or relative […]