Barreda Moller writes...

Administrative Court guidelines on the strict consideration of marks appearing on the head of invoices as trade name

Decision Nº 2688-2012/TPI-INDECOPI, issued by the Administrative Court, concerning Case Nº 433617-2010, has established as general rule that to assess the use of a registered trademark against which a cancellation […]

Registration of Industrial Designs in Peruvian Law

Design Laws in Peru are established by Decision 486 of the Andean Community. It is a Common Intellectual Property Regime for all Andean Community Countries. 1. What is protected? The […]

Redefinition of Government Policy on Competition

The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) was created in November 1992 with the stated purpose of consolidating, in a single institution, […]

Attorney of Record

It is important for trademark owners holding registrations in Peru, to be informed that according to the current criterion of local Trademark Authorities, the attorney of record with respect to […]