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What is a generic mark for peruvian caselaw?

Article 135 paragraph f) of Decision 486, Industrial Property Common Regime, establishes that may not be registered as trademarks those marks which, consist exclusively of a sign or indication which […]

Legitimate interest in trademark nullity actions

Decision 486, Industrial Property Common Regime, grants individuals the right to request the granting or the acknowledgement of any right in a constituent element of the industrial property, as well […]

Legislative Decree 1309: Some modifications to Legislative Decree 1075

By means of Legislative Decree 1309 –Legislative Decree of Simplification of Administrative Proceedings regarding Intellectual Property before the Competent Authorities of the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and […]

The Grace Period Exception

In general, the public disclosure of an invention made before the filing date of the corresponding patent application is considered as a part of the prior art. However, some countries, […]

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