Barreda Moller writes...

Protection of names in the trademark field

Despite the apparent incompatibility between trademark and name, Peruvian law has regulated the possibility that a name be registered as a trademark. In this respect, amongst the relative prohibitions to [...]

Registration of tactile marks

Article 134 of Decision 486 sets forth a list of marks which can become trademarks. In this sense, although the cited article does not expressly indicate tactile marks, since the [...]

Copyright versus copyleft: creative commons and orphan works

In the so-called “information society”, new technologies have exponentially facilitated information creation, distribution and manipulation, in this process being comprised the reproduction, distribution and public communication of works protected by [...]

Pharmaceutical patent, generic pharmaceuticals and bioequivalence

The invention patent has a 20-year term, counted from the filing date of the respective application for registration, once it is granted. The patent grants its owner the exclusive right [...]