We want to be the best option of Intellectual Property legal advice in the country. We are at the service of either a natural person or a legal entity that is based in Peru or abroad.


We offer confidence and security in the most complete range of protection of Intellectual Property rights. We have a solid team of professional experts that conduct their work by strict ethical principles.


We offer quality, security and confidence

Each member of our organization is committed to do an absolute quality job. We offer security and confidence. The outcome of our work always fulfills our client’s expectations.

We strive to obtain the best results

The members of our organization work to obtain the best possible outcome in every case we take. We work with efficiency and effectiveness. This effort entails excellent results as a whole.

We do the right thing

All members of our organization act correctly. We firmly believe that our behavior and actions have repercussion in the society we live in.

We work as a team

We firmly believe in team work. The interrelationship between our members is vital to fully accomplish our objectives. Synergy is what we seek, beyond individual achievements.

We do it right the first time

In our organization, we are aware that fixing mistakes is more time consuming than getting things done right from the start. That is why we put so much effort in doing the right thing from the beginning.