Fashion Law

Fashion is about having an idea of something fabulous, unique and launching it into the market place.

Fashion law helps our clients to maximize the potential value of their fashion assets.


When a company builds a successful fashion brand, it is of utmost importance to have legal assistance to easily navigate through the business complexity legislation in several aspects such as incorporation, labor, taxes, intellectual property, advertising, real estate and international trade.


Our team is specialized in the legal issues that the fashion industry faces. It is not only a matter of knowing the law but also being familiarized with the fashion business and the business environment our clients deal with daily. We address effectively the legal and business issues arising during the ordinary course of the fashion activities.


We offer the following services:


  • Starting a fashion business or line (incorporating a company)
  • Protection of fashion (copyright and trademark assessment and portfolio management).
  • Review of advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Commercial agreements and negotiations
  • Licensing

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